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In the wake of Cyclone Idai, DHL’s Disaster Response Team picks up the pieces
When one of the deadliest storms in Africa hit Mozambique, a group of DHL employee volunteers were among the first to respond to the crisis.
A woman’s mission to transform education in Madagascar
There is an urgent need to revolutionize the education system in Madagascar, and one woman has taken it upon herself to fix it.
Meet Fatima Ait Bendawad: A figure of grit and benevolence
In the 15 years she has spent in humanitarian logistics, Fatima Ait Bendawad has seen and done it all.
Just another day of work in Iraq
In his seven years with DHL Global Forwarding Iraq, Moustafa Elbanhawi has become well-acquainted with crises and challenges of all kinds.
Diversity begins with an open mind: Maureen Adibuah
When it comes to being at the forefront of world-class logistics, Maureen Adibuah is proof why women are no less qualified to lead from the helm.
Palu earthquake: Through the lens of disaster responders
In a matter of days after the Palu earthquake last year, DPDHL Group’s Disaster Response Team was on the ground facilitating aid relief logistics.
How a tsunami unleashed a wave of compassion
The vivid memory of surviving the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami has inspired Titi Moektijasih to train others in emergency response.
Breaking the Saudi glass ceiling
She's the first Saudi female to ever win a Stevie Award for creating equal opportunities for women at the workplace.