21 Stories
How this Malaysian sells used shirts for $1000S
Find out how a young entrepreneur in Kota Bharu turned his hobby of collecting vintage clothing into a cross-border business through e-commerce
India’s GST: 4 things your business needs to do
Businesses in India have to do their due diligence to update their processes following the implementation of India’s GST.
How China’s driving 1M rail freight containers
Is China's Belt and Road merely a good idea? Recent developments suggest that China's ambition is already translating into real benefits for businesses.
5 quick customs lessons for Australian SMEs
Australia's customs clearance regulations can pose challenges for SMEs. Here's how to overcome them in minimal time
4 things putting Asia at the heart of global healthcare
Asia Pacific is home to a burgeoning Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. Here's why the region is giving its competitors’ a run for their money.
Vietnam: An upcoming e-commerce powerhouse
Vietnam's e-commerce market is on the rise, but many are still wary of online payment. Try offering a seamless online experience while offering flexibility
All eyes on Malaysia for the next e-commerce boom
Malaysia’s e-commerce market is likely to grow rapidly thanks to a range of government stimulus policies. Find out what this means for your business.
Are China’s smaller cities hidden e-commerce gems?
China’s lower-tier cities are starting to outspend their Tier 1 counterparts when it comes to online shopping. But large areas still remain untapped
What’s stopping Australian SMEs from entering Asia?
Asia beckons Australian SMEs with new opportunities, but the fear of the unknown is a hindrance. The only way to get around that is to plunge right in.
5 tips for business success in China
To the uninitiated, China’s business climate may prove daunting. Here are 5 tips that will help you cut through the noise and right into business.
Why Thai rice farmers are turning to e-commerce
Does e-commerce represent the future for Thai rice farmers? Find out why many of them have taken their businesses online.
Australia’s SMEs are taking over the world. Here’s how
Australian SMEs are rapidly gaining ground overseas, and cross-border trade may be experiencing the next wave of growth with business confidence gains.
What Asia’s manufacturing revival means for business
Manufacturing in China and India has grown at a dizzying pace, and intra-Asia trade is expected to grow further as the region invests heavily in local hubs
Struggling to export to India? You’re not alone
India is one of the hardest markets to enter due to its complex customs. But this can be overcome by partnering with companies who already know the market.
What’s next for e-commerce in Asia?
E-commerce in Asia Pacific is set to grow 29% per year. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, innovations can often be adapted across the board.
How India’s GST could clear inter-state bottlenecks
GST could help India revitalize cross-border trade by creating opportunities to streamline logistics, and may transform the very way India trades.
Why businesses can’t ignore Mongolia
Thanks to major infrastructure improvement, Mongolia now offers new opportunities to overseas businesses, making it easier for importers to connect.
Is China past its prime?
China’s economic growth in 2015 was its slowest since the 2009 global financial crisis. Are the country’s best days over?
Is Central Asia the hidden gem in China’s new Silk Road?
Countries in Central Asia along the Belt and Road are set for big gains. But uncovering hidden gem will require overcoming multiple barriers.
Asia’s online shoppers have commitment issues. Here’s why
More than 3 in 4 online shoppers worldwide abandon their shopping carts before checking out. Find out how you can connect with customers beyond that.
How Chinese smartphones are conquering the world
Manufacturing and supply chain expertise have taken Chinese smartphones to new heights